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As the name suggests - the aim of this musical formation is a true interpretation of Bon Jovi songs and especially the most famous hits from the eighties and nineties. Even though the visual nature of live performances and most of the forms are taken from famous concerts, our goal is to sound as close as possible to the studio recordings you may know from the old vinils, CD´s and MP3.

The idea of ​​establishing a revival band is more or less rediscovered and the beginnings date back to the time when some members of this revival band members played Bon Jovi songs on various types of events with various bands. Bon Jovi songs are really close to the Hearts of each band member and its not only a Hobby for them but in the first line an honor to play song of one of the best world wide known rock legend.

17.12.2021 | Přerov - nám. T.G.M. vánoční trhy
- naaše vystoupení v 19h...

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